Published on January 23, 2019

CES 2019: The 17 innovations presented on La Poste’s stand


LA POSTE ESANTE [IN THE SPOTLIGHT]: La Poste eHealth is a mobile app, free to the general public and available on the Apple and Android stores. It allows you to keep together, track and share all your health data, particularly those collected via connected objects. It supports and guides you every day by giving you proactive, personalised advice to keep you healthy. [see the sheet]

MES MEDICAMENTS CHEZ MOI : Do you have difficulty with going to the pharmacy to collect your medication? Your mail carrier can do it for you! Simply register on the app and scan your prescription. Your mail carrier comes to your home, picks up your prescription and Vitale health insurance card, and returns within one working day with your medication. Currently being tested in a number of towns, this offer will become available throughout France, including remote areas. With Mes Médicaments Chez Moi, La Poste simplifies patients’ lives. [see the sheet]

LA TELEASSISTANCE CONNECTEE VEILLER SUR MES PARENTS [IN THE SPOTLIGHT]: The problems with remote assistance are its lack of efficiency in the event of a loss of consciousness, and the risk of the alert button being out of reach when an emergency situation occurs. La Poste complements its friendly check-up service with a Connected Remote Assistance device which uses sensors installed at home to detect abnormal inactivity and automatically alert the help centre. [see the sheet]

YOGEYE : Headaches? Tired eyes? Heavy eyelids at the end of the day? Like three in four French people, you are possibly suffering from eye strain. Time spent looking at screens and bad habits tire out our eyes and damage our vision. The well-being app YogEye proposes a series of simple exercises that provide a quick workout for your eye muscles, therefore protecting your eyesight. [see the sheet]


JAAB : Jaab is more practical than cash, allowing children to use a contactless payment device to make small everyday purchases. Parents can use a mobile app to put more money on the device, monitor the remaining balance, and receive notifications with each purchase (amount, time, and place). If the device is lost, they can instantly block all transactions. [see the sheet]

POINT MULTISERVICES : Le Point Multiservices is a package of integrated local solutions. It looks ahead to the urban block of the future by simplifying the lives of residents, employees, tradespeople and shopkeepers at neighbourhood level. This solution combines the temporary presence of a mail carrier at a help desk with a digital helpline via a mobile app. It fits into innovative urban projects by providing an extended range of services. [see the sheet]

ASSISTANT MOBILITE : The Mobility Assistant will help with all of the necessary steps that are part of a move. It does so by bringing various existing services together in one place, such as mail forwarding to a new address, applying to La Banque Postale for a loan, and so on. [see the sheet]


TALENT BOOSTER : Talent Booster is a package of helpful, low-cost services offered by La Banque Postale to support and help young people between the ages of 16 and 25 at key moments in their lives: financial independence, financing education or other projects, foreign travel, and moving out of the family home and into their own place or in with flatmates. [see the sheet]

PASS JEUNES (TOUCAN) : This is a smart device with a chip that lets young people take advantage of the services offered by their municipality. [see box in the Jaab sheet]


ATWORK : Aimed at companies wishing to improve the quality of life in the workplace for their staff, AtWork enables anyone to control their working environment thanks to objects designed by partner start-ups and connected to La Poste’s Digital Hub. Four offers are currently available: Easy AtWork, Smart AtWork, On Demand and Well AtWork, each with a pack of specific connected objects. [see the sheet]

DIGIPOSTE + [IN THE SPOTLIGHT]: With Digiposte+, your important documents are in a safe place, and accessible at all times. Qualifications, payslips, employment contracts, invoices, bank statements, insurance certificates and more: Digiposte+ keeps all your important documents together and files them automatically, in digital format. They’re always within reach on your computer or mobile device. [see the sheet]


CITY BIKE (BEMOBI): With electrically assisted bikes, city dwellers can shorten their journey time without creating pollution. Communities are encouraging this soft mode of transport. La Poste is offering to manage on their behalf the long-term rental of connected electrically assisted bikes in their area. Rentals will be a subscription-based service with better deals for longer commitments. This service will be made available in the Greater Paris region starting in September 2019. [see the sheet]

IDENTITE NUMERIQUE: L'Identité Numérique is a free and secure service offered by La Poste that allows users to log in with just a few clicks and their unique identifier so they can carry out a variety of tasks (declaring tax information, signing up for childcare, etc.). It currently provides access to some 400 public services via the France Connect digital platform. [see the sheet]

GEOPTIS [IN THE SPOTLIGHT]: Specialising in portable topographic survey devices, Geoptis enables municipalities to audit their road infrastructure in order to better prioritise their maintenance work and investments. Geoptis also enables them to comply with their legal mapping obligations by providing a way to create a simplified outline of the streets (plan corps de rue simplifié, or PCRS) or very large-scale reference map (référentiel très grande échelle, or RTGE). [see the sheet]

CITOYEN 360°: An online platform that lets citizens access a variety of public services from their smartphones, computers, or post office machines. For young people, services include topping up youth passes, viewing leisure services hours (e.g. swimming pools, libraries, gyms), registration for driving theory tests, lists of neighbourhood associations, and voting on local matters up for public decision. For families: family perks, Watch Over My Parents, ordering large-family cards, viewing lists of schools, etc. [see box in the Jaab sheet]


DIGITAL HUB: Would you like to offer innovative services by taking advantage of “pervasive connectivity” (mobile, IoT, etc.)? With the Digital Hub, La Poste simplifies life for companies by providing a platform that helps its users to connect and allows easy interaction between the different terminals and IT systems used by their partners, subcontractors, customers, etc. [see the sheet]

YOUPIX : Launched in July 2018, La Poste's Youpix app allows you to design custom stamps and postcards with your mobile device in just a few clicks, whether you're in France or abroad. The creation space is intuitive, easy to use, and helps users design their postcards. The process is fast and easy, then La Poste handles printing and shipping. [see the sheet]