Published on July 18, 2018
Updated on January 29, 2024

Under the Act of 2 July 1990, the French State entrusted Le Groupe La Poste with a public service mission that is essential to democratic diversity and the dissemination of ideas in France: the transport and delivery of the press.

Driven by the need for free circulation of ideas and opinions, the mission of transporting and delivering the press aims to guarantee all citizens equal access to information while “promoting diversity, particularly of political and general information” (Articles L.4 and R.1-1-17 of the French Post and Electronic Communications Code). 

More than just the daily distribution of newspapers and magazines, this mission contributes to ensuring freedom of the press and guarantees wider distribution of printed information. 

Bringing the press and ideas into French homes

Around 45% of newspaper readers rely on printed newspapers as their main source of information. 

 With almost a billion newspapers and magazines distributed every year, 80% of which are part of the public service remit, the work carried out by postal workers meets a real need. 

Mailing is the second channel for distributing the press, after dedicated sales outlets (newsstands, bookshops, etc.), making La Poste a press distributor in its own right, with one third of all paper press distribution in France.  

Through this mission entrusted to La Poste, the State is meeting a need for information on a national scale. This is why La Poste is committed to delivering a wide range of publications. 

It distributes almost 7,000 press titles, i.e. almost all the titles listed in the registers of the Commission paritaire des publications et agences de presse (CPPAP). 

Everyone is free to form their own ideas, which give them the freedom to make up their own minds and think critically. 

Everyone should be able to inform themselves as they wish, by consulting the newspaper of their choice every day, every month or every quarter.