Published on August 20, 2018
Updated on May 6, 2024

Together, we can go further! This could easily be the motto of the 60,500 postmen and women who cover thousands of kilometres of French roads six days a week to reach the French people and provide them with more than just a universal postal service and press publication distribution : they offer a service with a human touch.

The future of local and e-commerce services

The Services-Mail-Parcels business is La Poste Groupe’s legacy business. As France’s premier local network, it delivers mail, press and parcels, and provides services to individuals, businesses and local authorities, six days a week. It has to cope with the technological shock of digitalised communications, which has led to a structural decline in mail volumes, from 18 billion letters in 2008 to 6 billion in 2023 (including the retail customers activity). By 2030, the business line aims to be the number one operator of local human services and e-commerce services. This is a strategic model change based on three priorities.

Protecting the core historical activities

Since 2023, the new mail range has brought even more services and value. Mail is becoming more reliable, more digital and more sustainable – and more in tune with customers’ new expectations. Logistics and organisation have been optimised, for example by ending the use of air transport for mail delivery in France. And La Poste, already one of the top 5 providers of digital marketing solutions in France, is now investing in data with services such as its comprehensive Inside Home home marketing solutions

Accelerating growth drivers

La Poste is improving its Colissimo platforms and opening new ones with the aim of becoming the leading operator of e-commerce services. It is accelerating its sorting and delivery flows towards the next-day delivery standard and developing new Colissimo offers that are more interactive with the customer receiving the parcel, adapted to the market and more responsible, with sustainable solutions. La Poste is also optimizing its network to meet the local transport and logistics needs of retail customers, networked businesses and communities throughout France.

Laying the foundations for future growth

With the creation of La Poste Health & Autonomy in October 2023, La Poste 31 interconnected Log’issimo agencies across France and 100,000 customer businesses 13.2% growth in New Local Services revenue aims to become the preferred partner for healthcare professionals, institutions and industries by 2030, offering local services for home healthcare and trusted digital services for healthcare data. La Poste is also positioning itself as a key player in local knowledge, energy efficiency in housing and the circular economy. It aims to achieve €1 billion in revenue from new local human services by 2025.