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Published on August 19, 2018
Updated on April 19, 2021

Together, we can go further! This could easily be the motto of the 70,000 postmen and women who cover thousands of kilometres of French roads six days a week to reach the French people and provide them with more than just a universal postal service and press publication distribution : they offer a service with a human touch.

The Services-Mail-Parcels Business Unit much closer than you think

Post as a premium platform

This daily contact is undoubtedly the reason why the French people so trust their postmen and women. Although post is becoming less popular in our increasingly digital world, it is still widely read (93% of French citizens say they have read at least one item of advertising mail a week since the start of 2018 [1]).

While it’s true that the digital sector is having a significant impact on conventional postal activities, it also offers a fantastic opportunity for introducing modernising initiatives. Digital technologies like traceability, augmented reality and customisation are enriching the post to suit new customer behaviours and enable it to position itself as a select, premium platform.

More parcels, delivered better

Although the amount of post being sent dropped to 9 billion items in 2017, postmen and women were still visiting homes daily. Seem strange? It's because the e-commerce market is enjoying a boom and parcel delivery is therefore on the up. La Poste delivered nearly 380 million parcels in 2017.

In light of new purchasing behaviours, new expectations and new service uses, La Poste is continually adapting to its customers’ needs by improving its parcel delivery service, offering customers a choice of locations and time slots and giving them the chance to post or return parcels from their own homes, etc.

The e-commerce boom has certain negative consequences : urban traffic congestion, air pollution, noise pollution, etc. To keep hold of the best of the e-commerce sector without enduring the problems associated with parcel deliveries, the Services-Mail-Parcels Business Unit offers authorities last-mile solutions to make city centres greener. Existing solutions include electric vehicles (La Poste currently has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the world), automated locker alternatives, urban logistics centres to streamline parcel flows, etc.

La Poste : a leading industrial player

To adapt to our world which has been transformed by new digital tools and changing consumer habits, La Poste has launched a broad modernisation programme for its industrial mail and parcel facilities. Although we are seeing fewer letters, there are many more parcels to process and cross-border commerce is flourishing. This means we need to update our tools and resources to keep us sustainable and ensure our customers are fully satisfied.

By introducing robotic trolleys, adapting rounds to suit customers and using batch processing to streamline deliveries, La Poste is rolling out an ambitious industrial strategy to establish new market standards with a wealth of new innovations and putting postmen and women at the heart of this developing industrial framework.

A myriad of services

The Services-Mail-Parcels Business Unit is developing its activities based on this evidence to offer French people the local services they need. For example, La Poste postmen and women can bring seniors medicine, meals and offer home visits.

Everything it does is in light of its long-standing values, with just one objective : to make people’s lives easier.

We have demonstrated our commitment by taking a majority holding in the Axeo Group, which provides services to individuals, and acquiring Asten Santé, a specialist in home healthcare services. However, the Services-Mail-Parcels Business Unit is not only helping to solve generational challenges. It is also active in the field of energy transition: energy diagnostics, office waste collection, ecomobility advice and training, etc.

Although the Services-Mail-Parcels Business Unit manages the Group's oldest activity, it is undergoing a process of transformation to reach and develop new sectors with the help of its strong network of postmen and women. Everything it does is in light of its long-standing values, with just one objective: to make people’s lives easier.

(1)BALmétrie Study, 2017