Published on January 9, 2019

CES 2019: La Poste eSanté

La Poste eSanté is very easy to use and will be of interest to anyone wishing to maintain their health information and become actively involved in their own health through e-coaching modules, tracking of developments in their health indicators (blood pressure, diabetes, etc.), a vaccination record and associated reminders, and to synchronise all the data produced by their health-related connected objects.

The app provides users with:

  • their health data history in graphical form with simple views that everyone can understand;

  • a vaccination record and alerts for vaccination reminders;

  • a personalised e-coaching service which uses data collected from connected objects or data entered by the user, together with scientific frames of reference which define normal ranges for medical data such as cholesterol levels, BMI, etc.;

  • as part of a healthcare pathway or disease prevention monitoring, the option of being alerted to contact a practitioner if the values of certain data deviate too far from the reference values (medical rules, etc.).

All of the user’s health data are confidential and protected by La Poste in line with the current regulatory framework (approved hosting of health data, and GDPR).