Published on January 3, 2021
Updated on April 19, 2024

Launched in 2021, the strategic plan was updated in 2023 to take account of adverse economic conditions, simplify its structure and align its financial and non-financial strategic trajectories.

Over the next 10 years, we're going to be helping to transform the world. First, the demographic transition. Through our services, we know how to meet the needs of the elderly, combat the isolation caused by digital technology, and help people age well at home. Faced with the territorial transition, we are building the future locally, thanks to the presence of letter carriers and women, our post offices and our points of contact in priority urban neighborhoods, as well as in rural areas. We are accelerating the ecological transition. We are leaders in sustainable finance and a driving force in the decarbonization of our logistics. Finally, with regard to the digital transition, we have a mission to support the use of digital technology to combat exclusion.

philippe wahl

Philippe Wahl

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

In its 600-year history, La Poste has always known how to transform itself to keep pace with society's profound transitions. It has built a multi-activity model that is resilient in the face of adverse events in a volatile macro-economic context. The strategic plan La Poste 2030, committed for you, sets the course for profitable and responsible growth in France and abroad, driven by La Poste group's four business sectors. Each branch is deploying its strategic ambition according to 4 development dynamics and four action levers designed to reinforce its impact.

infographie du plan stratégique

A compelling purpose

The group’s strategic plan is built on a compelling purpose that demonstrates La Poste’s determination to be responsible and useful to society as a whole, serving the public interest: “Serving all, useful to everyone, La Poste is a people-oriented company with a local presence that develops exchanges and builds essential links by contributing to the common wealth of society as a whole.” Co-constructed with all of our stakeholders (postal workers, customers, elected officials, non-profit organisations, suppliers, start-ups and partners), it expresses the fundamental meaning of our activities in the service of society. Timeless, it is an extension of our public service missions and our history, while building a bridge to the world of tomorrow.

une chargé de clientele

Four business lines

A robust multi-business model supported by four business lines, each with its own strategic ambition. The group is building on its robust and resilient multi-business model, the driving force behind its transformation and sustainability

Four development dynamics driven by the business lines

Four development dynamics driven by the business lines and expressed in their strategic ambitions:

  • DEFENDING THE FOUNDATIONS :   Consolidate and adapt the group’s core historical businesses, the post office network, the teams of postmen and women, and the public service missions.

  • ACCELERATING OUR GROWTH DRIVERS : Take full advantage of the boom in e-commerce in France and around the world and maintain the leadership position of the group’s logistics operators, while also being a major player in bancassurance, committed to sustainable finance for individuals and participants in the regional economy.

  • LAY THE FOUNDATIONS FOR FUTURE GROWTH : develop our activities around digital trust and local human services.

  • RAISING THE BAR IN TERMS OF PROFITABILITY AND CRITICAL MASS : strengthen the monitoring of performance indicators and risk management in an unstable economic climate and an uncertain geopolitical environment.