Published on July 9, 2020
Updated on May 6, 2024

Geopost is the branch dedicated to the delivery of express parcels under 30 kg. Operating out of more than 50 countries, le groupe La Poste is the number one parcel service in Europe.

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European leader in parcel delivery and trade solutions

Geopost operates in over 50 countries on all continents thanks to its network of delivery experts, including DPD, Chronopost, Seur, BRT, Speedy and Jadlog. Geopost is committed to making commercial exchanges more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable for all stakeholders. Geopost aims to become the benchmark for sustainable delivery.

Strengthening the core business

Geopost is continuing its efforts and investments to maintain and consolidate its European leadership in the domestic and cross-border BtoC and BtoB road delivery markets. For example, Geopost rolled out its enhanced DPD Classic offering in 2023, enabling its customers to offer cross-border deliveries with reliable and precise delivery times to 30 destination countries in Europe. Geopost is also adapting to an unfavourable macroeconomic environment by continuously improving its operating performance and optimising its costs.

Accelerating growth drivers

Geopost continues to expand in the most promising market segments. In out-of-home delivery, Geopost continued to increase its volumes and expand its network at an accelerated pace in 2023. It now has more than 108,000 out-of-home collection points worldwide, combining retail outlets and lockers. Geopost has also strengthened its position in the strategic food and healthcare verticals by increasing investment in its temperature-controlled network, particularly in France, and extending its fresh delivery offer to Italy, Portugal and Lithuania.

Laying the foundations for future growth

Geopost is continuing its international expansion and further strengthening its global network. In 2023, Geopost began operations in Argentina, in a joint venture with TASA Logistica, a family-owned company specialising in logistics solutions for the consumer goods sector. Geopost continues to support its customers as they grow their e-commerce activities, notably through ESW, which launched a new returns management platform solution in 2023 to provide its users with an even more efficient and faster experience.