Published on December 31, 2018

CES 2019: digital identity

To get L'Identité Numérique, all you need to do is sign up online on La Poste's L'Identité Numérique website. Next, choose how you would like to verify the information you have submitted. You can either visit a post office or arrange a meeting with your mail carrier (available in Metropolitan France and Overseas Departments and Territories). All you will need to do is provide an ID to get a confirmation e-mail about your Identité Numérique Digital Identity. This saves everyone time, since there are already 73,000 mail carriers and 24,000 certified customer advisors who verify 900,000 IDs every day as part of their jobs.

As the world becomes an ever more digital place, L'Identité Numérique is an essential tool for any digitised processes. France Connect predicts that 3,000 new processes will be digitised by 2022.

Today, with L'Identité Numérique, you can easily go online and access your social security payments, your professional training account, your retirement request file, nursery enrolment for your child, etc.

Soon, it will allow you to access new online daily life services such as: opening a bank account, signing up for private or mutual insurance, accessing important personal documents or your health records, and tracking the progress of an official complaint online.

From 2019 onwards, many postal processes will also be transformed by L’Identité Numérique.

“With L’Identité Numérique, an ID document will no longer be required to register powers of attorney, redirect mail, pick up a parcel, or receive electronic registered mail. A smartphone will suffice. This will make our customers’ and employees’ lives easier!" says Candice Dauge , Director of the Digital Services Unit's L’Identité Numérique programme.