Published on January 7, 2019

CES 2019: Digiposte+

Digiposte collects and organises every type of data and all administrative documents related to day-to-day life, keeping them secure. Documents are organised within the Digiposte+ app by “universe”. Three new universes, supplementing those already available, will be presented at CES 2019.

“Working life” universe

Before you’re hired and right through to retirement, Digiposte can collect, organise and store all useful documents related to your working life such as qualifications, employment contracts, payslips, etc.

Qualifications and employment records, which are often falsified, can now be certified. Digiposte already does this with the payslips it receives from more than 2,000 companies, together with qualification certificates from such prestigious institutions as the École Polytechnique and the University of Grenoble. The origin of these documents is known, and Digiposte certifies them as authentic by means of a certificate of authenticity. This certification enables any candidate applying for a job to guarantee the veracity of the documents (qualifications, training, certificate of employment, etc.) that they send to the recruiter via Digiposte. The employment contract can then be signed by the new recruit within Digiposte+, and their payslips filed in their digital safe each month.

“Health” universe

Digiposte enables users to keep their health documents together and manage them, keep track of reimbursements, organise processes for themselves and for the people they are responsible for, and be notified of important reminders.

With 55 organisations now available within the Digiposte+ app’s “health” universe, including social security, CAF, and the more widespread insurance companies, most of the documents related to a user’s health can now be retrieved automatically: statements, insurance certificates, social security payments, insurance policies, payment notifications, and so on.

“Young adult” universe

The app offers support for young people as they embark on their adult life by collecting, organising and receiving their administrative documents: certified qualifications, EDF electricity bills and those from mobile and internet operators, receipts for purchases from Amazon, Fnac, Showroomprive and more, bank statements, health certificates and, ultimately, payslips. They can also use Digiposte to prepare files for administrative processes, such as a new EDF contract, request for a home loan, rental file, mail redirection, etc. There’s a notes area too, where memos can be included so that nothing is overlooked in the safe.

To access their own Digiposte space, users simply create an account by visiting this page or by downloading the Digiposte+ app from the iOS or Android stores on their smartphone or tablet. Once the account is created, all that remains is to connect the organisations of one’s choice; any documents issued by them subsequently will automatically be placed in the user’s digital safe.

Digiposte+ is available as a free version allowing users to connect five organisations and one bank to their account, and to use 5 GB of storage space. The paid subscription offers the same features, but unlimited. More information is available on the La Poste website.

  • 2.8


    users and 100 million documents currently hosted on Digiposte

  • 2,000


    use Digiposte to digitise and send their employees’ payslips

  • 55

    social and health organisations

    send their statements and certificates via Digiposte