Published on September 12, 2018
Updated on May 6, 2024

Founded in 2006, La Banque Postale is the heir to financial services at La Poste. It represents one of La Poste group's subsidiaries and has very strong values such as trust, accessibility and proximity. La Banque Postale has evolved in the space of 15 years on the basis of a multi-partner model benefitting from a unique and original positioning on the French market.

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Become the preferred bancassurer for French people, customers, citizens and employees

With operations in 19 countries, La  Banque Postale (LBP) is the 11th largest bancassurance provider in the eurozone. With its diversified business model and wide range of accessible products and services, it works with and partners nearly 60 million private individuals worldwide, as well as business and public sector customers. LBP is developing its specialist businesses, particularly in insurance, asset management, consumer credit, and corporate and investment banking. A mission-led company since February 2022, it has chosen to make the just transition the driving force behind its ambitions. During the first years of implementation of the strategic plan launched in February 2021, the company was able to transform its business model, as shown by the following achievements.

Protecting the core historical activities

LBP is accelerating the development of its socially responsible offering, with the launch of impact real estate loans for individuals and the introduction of the Global Impact Index, which covers 64% of the bank’s financing activities. The range of services available digitally is being expanded: a cashback programme was launched in 2023, and the Argent au Quotidien and Épargne ranges were rolled out on the application at the end of 2023. In addition, progress is being made in the end-to-end digitalisation of processes, with the widespread use of e-signatures for home loans, the introduction of an online complaints form and the possibility of opening an account in the post office reception area on the customer relationship manager’s smartphone Financial inclusion and banking accessibility are at the core of La Banque Postale’s concerns.

Accelerating growth drivers

LBP continued to develop its synergy-rich bancassurance model. In 2023, the final stage of the merger between La Banque Postale and CNP Assurances was completed with the creation of a dedicated hub bringing together all of the group’s insurance activities under the umbrella of CNP Assurances Holding, a wholly owned subsidiary of LBP. In asset management, the acquisition of La Financière de l’Échiquier in July made LBP AM the European leader in conviction-based management. The launch by LBP, LBP  AM and CNP  Assurances of a €1 billion impact infrastructure debt fund for energy transition further illustrates the synergistic potential of the bancassurance model.

Laying the foundations for future growth

Internationally, CNP Assurances continued to develop its open model in Latin America with the launch of the CNP Seguradora brand to market the products of all five entities: Holding Seguros, Previsul, CNP Cap, Odonto Empresas, CNP Consórcios.