Published on August 26, 2021
Updated on March 8, 2024

La Poste is France's second largest employer after the French State. Year after year, and agreement after agreement, La Poste reinforces its commitment to social responsibility, which is inseparable from its ambition to be the leader in local services.

La Poste is committed to stable and sustainable employment

The Group favours permanent contracts and sustainable employment. In order to adapt to the diversity of its customer base and understand the needs of each individual, Le Groupe La Poste advocates equal opportunities right from the recruitment stage. It places a great deal of emphasis on young people, particularly in the digital sector. The Group pays close attention to the gender balance indicator, in terms of numbers, salary and career development. It is committed to opening up all its businesses to people with disabilities and to changing attitudes and behaviours. This policy of combating all forms of discrimination contributes to a good quality of life at work and to the commitment of postal workers. It also fosters the preference of the French people and the confidence of all in the responsible, committed and humane public enterprise that is La Poste.

La Poste is committed to combating all forms of discrimination

For several years now, La Poste has been taking numerous steps to promote equality in the workplace. The fifth agreement on gender equality in the workplace, signed in 2022, strengthens La Poste's pioneering role in this area, reinforces the policies already in place and sets new targets. The company has also launched its internal gender equality network "Un.e", which relies on a hundred or so employee ambassadors to encourage discussion and reflection. In 2020, La Poste joined the #StOpE (Stop Ordinary Sexism in the Workplace) initiative of Accor, EY and L'Oréal to combat so-called ordinary sexism in the workplace.

With more than 14,000 disabled postal workers, La Poste has an active policy of maintaining disabled workers in employment and has a wide range of awareness-raising initiatives.

The Group is also combating prejudice and stereotypes linked to sexual orientation and gender identity by promoting equality for LGBT+ people and providing support for transgender people. It has, for example, extended to male and female homosexual couples all the postal measures linked to parenthood (taking and rotating leave, etc.). To take things further, La Poste signed the LGBT+ Commitment Charter of the L'Autre Cercle association in 2018 and 2022 to underline its commitment and create an inclusive working environment. The signatories of this charter reaffirm their commitment to guaranteeing equal rights and treatment for employees in all their diversity and whatever their sexual orientation and gender identity. They call on the leaders of public and private organisations to join them in working towards the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the world of work.

Le Groupe La Poste is committed to human rights

Le Groupe La Poste has adopted a human rights policy which sets out its commitment to the protection, respect and promotion of human rights in all its activities, throughout its value chain, in France and internationally.