Published on May 7, 2024

Le Groupe La Poste encourages the sharing of expertise with all its stakeholders in order to develop new responses to the environmental and operational challenges of urban logistics. These various exchanges and collaborative efforts contribute to the development of more efficient urban logistics solutions.

Collaboration between all the players in the logistics ecosystem is a crucial pre-requisite for developing efficient and sustainable solutions.

La Poste is coordinating its efforts with local authorities and public services

Le Groupe La Poste is extending the work it carries out with local authorities to the various French associations of elected representatives. The Group is working with the associations to build tools that explain and raise awareness about urban logistics issues. For example:

  • the production of a documentary on urban logistics with elected officials from Toulouse, Montpellier and Annecy;

  • the production of a practical guide to urban logistics in conjunction with Intercommunalités de France (Inter-municipal councils of France) and the production of a webinar to present the most significant measures;

  • participation in conferences and workshops to raise awareness about the challenges of he last-mile deliveries among elected officials from cities that are members of Centre-Ville en Mouvement.

As the main operator in last-mile deliveries in the parcel market, Le Groupe La Poste must deal with certain issues that are common to all logistics operators; as such, the Group is in a position to:

  • contribute to exchanges within the transport logistics sector, in particular within the framework of France Logistique (French logistics federation);

  • open dialogue with the French public authorities and make proposals and drive projects;

  • participate in the working groups set up by the Government with a view to updating the national strategy in relation to innovation in logistics;

  • participate in and contribute to the work of various structures that promote low-carbon mobility and innovation in logistics, such as the AVERE or the Fabrique de la Logistique;

  • work with logistics operators to promote cycle-based logistics;

  • contribute to the work of Boites à vélo with the support of the French Government.

La Poste is working with universities and research organisations to innovate

Le Groupe La Poste has established partnerships with universities and research organisations to address the wide range of issues linked to the urban logistics of the future.

photo d'un véhicule Carreta

the Carreta autonomous vehicle

Vehicles – in particular autonomous cars – will radically change the way services are delivered, within 10 years;

The use of robots to perform loading and unloading operations.

The development of multi-modal transport solutions

that would reduce the carbon emissions associated with road transport by using waterways or urban passenger-transport networks;

This work results in tangible deliverables (research reports, theses, publications, etc.) such as:

- The study by Kedge Business School on river-based logistics.

 These partnerships result in experiments that will usher in the innovations of tomorrow:

- The experiment conducted in Montpellier by the CARA cluster based on the use cases of the "Caretta" robot.