Published on February 25, 2021

Launch of the new strategic plan: La Poste 2030, committed for you

Philippe WAHL, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Le Groupe La Poste, today presented the main focuses of the 2030 strategic plan to the Group's Board of Directors. The plan has been baptised: "La Poste 2030, Committed For You".

" A deeply responsible company, serving society as a whole "

Philippe WAHL detailed his ambition: this new strategic plan "is the plan of a company whose primary objective is to better serve its customers and simplify their lives. (...) It is the plan of a company that is also committed to society as a whole, to help it manage the demographic transition, the digital transition, the ecological transition and the territorial transition ".

" Quality of service is our priority "

Through this plan, Le Groupe La Poste is pursuing its goal of establishing itself as the first European platform for exchange and relationships, that is human & digital, green & civic, that serves clients in their projects and the greater society in its transformation.

To achieve this goal and ensure profitable growth, the Group's strategic plan is based on 7 strategic priorities:

  1. To serve customers with the highest level of quality, so as to remain our customers' preferred provider and gain new customers (professionals, young people, etc.)

  2. To be ever more present, thanks to the combined power of the Group's physical, digital and human networks, at the service of customers and development.

  3. To accelerate the digital transformation by developing digital trust services and contributing to digital inclusion.

  4. To maintain the Group's position as a leader in ecological transformation and ensure our services are accessible to all.

  5. To become a mission-driven company whose activity has a positive impact on society, and to demonstrate its civic, social and societal responsibility.

  6. To go beyond geographic boundaries and develop international growth.

  7. To reinforce pride in being a postal worker, introduce a new corporate social pact and a new organisational structure that promotes agility

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