Published on September 20, 2018

La Poste employees are committed to European Mobility Week !

Most big companies take part in European Mobility Week. For La Poste, long-committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it’s not just a seven-day box-ticking exercise, but part of a long-held belief that is widely shared by postal employees.

It’s a week for Europeans, and more specifically motorists, to experiment with alternative solutions to their daily travel plans. Of course, La Poste was eager to take part for two reasons. First, being at the forefront of the energy transition (see box below), it naturally joins any event that can raise civic awareness*, Second, European Mobility Week is an opportunity to show that the environment is everybody’s business and that postal employees, like La Poste, are on the cutting edge of the issue.

Conscious of the importance of sorting waste, saving energy and driving with environmental responsibility, postal employees know that the planet’s future depends on changing behaviour and choosing public and/or non-polluting forms of transport for everyday journeys. Many, especially in cities, have already switched to electric bikes, scooters and smartboards to get them to work. La Poste offers them year-round discounts to buy this sort of equipment.

This year, La Poste is taking advantage of Mobility Week to give its employees the chance to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability. It is organising an online competition asking them to submit photos of ways to get around without a car, whether walking, cycling, skating or riding a scooter before answering a short quiz. Prizes will be awarded based on a random draw. First prize is an electric bike !

La Poste, a committed player in the energy transition

La Poste is actively fighting against global warming by improving its operations, training postal employees on eco-friendly driving, systematically delivering letters/parcels in soft‑mode or by using clean energy, carrying out logistical optimisation projects in metropolitan areas and making its buildings more energy efficient. It also takes part in the circular economy by recycling electronic/IT equipment, paper, cardboard, coffee capsules, cups, etc. In addition, La Poste provides services such as Bemobi (eco‑mobility), Action Habitat (energy diagnostics) and Recygo (recycling). Sharing its expertise is also part of its corporate social responsibility strategy.

* On this occasion, La Poste has renewed its partnership with Public Transport Day (15 September) and the French Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition.