Published on November 27, 2018

La Poste, partner of elected officials’ associations

As an actor for regional development, La Poste signs yearly agreements with elected officials’ associations in order to build partnerships based on demanding sustainable planning that favours local development and public service activities.

For instance, La Poste is a partner of :

  • The Assembly of French Departments (ADF), a pluralist association that brings together, unites, informs and relays positions; shares experiences and expertise; develops services; and promotes the role of the presidents of the 102 departments and greater Lyon and the actions they have taken for residents.

  • The Assembly of French Communities (AdCF), a national federation that brings together inter-municipality elected officials and promotes inter-municipal cooperation.

  • The French Mayors' Association (AMF), which brings together 35,500 mayors whom it represents before government bodies and provides with consulting and information in every area of local management.

  • The French Rural Mayors’ Association (AMRF) , which brings together, informs, and represents mayors of French communities that have fewer than 3,500 residents.

  • The National Association of Elected Officials of Mountainous Regions (ANEM), whose main mission is to provide communities with stronger means to take positive action surrounding economic, social, environmental, and cultural issues in mountainous regions.

  • The Association of Small French Cities (APVF), which brings together small cities with populations of 3,000 to 25,000 in order to promote their specific role in regional planning.

  • Urban France, a pluralist association of elected officials that brings together cities and inter-municipalities, and which welcomes mayors of city centres, presidents of conurbation committees, and presidents of metropolitan areas.

  • The Association of French Regions, which meets the need for close orchestration felt by presidents of regional councils and elected officials and their teams, who all wished to pool their experiences from their regions.

  • The Association of French Cities, which brings together cities and small to mid-sized communities from all over the country; its mission is to represent and protect the living areas that create strong regional bonds between cities and rural areas.

La Poste also supports :

  • The National Association of New Rural Areas (ANNR), whose mission is to protect rural areas by strengthening regional and social cohesion for citizens who live there or who want to move there, and by supporting intelligence and innovation, prosperity and solidarity.

  • Internet Cities, which is a cross-party association of local elected officials and whose mission is based on using the Internet in support of citizens: this means promoting the implementation of local digital public policy by offering customised support to communities via local diagnostics, seminars, and conference cycles.