Published on June 26, 2023

Data is at the heart of digital healthcare, and making the most of it is a major strategic priority for managing hospital operations, developing new services and driving innovation and medical research. Le Groupe La Poste provides concrete solutions to address these challenges.

Harnessing the value of healthcare data

Docaposte supports healthcare professionals across the entire data value chain, from digitising business processes to exploiting data to optimise organisational efficiency (bed management, emergency room influx, team planning, etc.); improving patient care pathways (diagnostic and decision-making assistance, assessing the quality of care, etc.); and speeding up the use of healthcare data for clinical research.

Supporting the digital transition of healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals are speeding up the digitisation of their processes to make them more efficient and simpler. As a trusted partner, Docaposte offers them a full range of digital solutions and services:

  • Maincare, a subsidiary of Docaposte, offers hospitals and healthcare facilities solutions for administrative, economic and financial management, HR management and the management of electronic patient records;

  • Docaposte offers outsourcing of administrative processes such as paperless processing of reimbursement and claims files, and document management.

  • In terms of IT and trust services, Docaposte offers solutions for e-health, e-consent, electronic signatures, health data hosting, the sovereign cloud, business process automation (security, compliance), etc.

  • Docaposte also helps healthcare professionals to digitise their operations: assessing data maturity through diagnostics, assisting with data strategy and creating IS / Data roadmaps.

Docaposte has a data/AI division that creates and operates innovative, customised, secure and sustainable solutions to help healthcare players succeed in their digital transformation. Docaposte's data/AI experts also support the scaling up of data use cases for healthcare applications (epidemiology, care pathways, programme evaluation, decision-making algorithms, etc.). This support is based on the development of technological assets around AI, big data and the cloud.