Published on April 22, 2024

Le Groupe La Poste is one of France's leading recruiters. As a responsible employer, it promotes quality employment and pursues a proactive social policy focused on integration, inclusion and diversity, all of which contribute to the attractiveness of the company.

Le Groupe La Poste Groupe has almost 238,000 employees who are driven by the community values that have always been at the core of its DNA and postal identity.

When you join Le Groupe La Poste, you become part of a major multi-business services group that maintains a close relationship with French people, making their daily lives easier and playing a long-term role in their communities. 

A wide range of careers

Choosing to become a postman, customer advisor, remote banking advisor at Ma French Bank, international business manager at DPD or Recygo collection agent... Deciding to work in a post office or a financial centre, on a sorting platform or a logistics hub, in a metropolis or in the countryside, in France or abroad... 

Being a postal worker also means becoming a web developer, UX or data scientist, or working in the data and artificial intelligence (AI) professions that are supporting La Poste's digital transformation.

Le Groupe La Poste offers a wide range of professions to meet the needs of its customers - private individuals, professionals, businesses and local authorities.

Our group is changing, and so are its businesses. The challenge for La Poste, as a responsible and inclusive employer, is to support these changes, as closely as possible to our postal workers, in the interests of developing the Group's business activities.

Photo de Valérie Decaux

Valérie Decaux

La Poste Groupe Executive Vice-President in charge of Human Resources

Recruitment and professional integration

Le Groupe La Poste's recruitment policy is open to diversity, respects equal opportunities and reflects the Group's commitments in this area.

La Poste prefers to employ people on permanent contracts and has a dynamic employment policy aimed at young people and jobseekers, offering apprenticeship contracts and professional training contracts that enable employees to obtain diplomas or professional qualifications, from the vocational aptitude certificate (CAP) to a Master's degree.

Career development and ongoing training

Le Groupe La Poste's social model is based primarily on internal mobility. Matching postal workers' skills to the company's needs is a key challenge.

Developing employees' skills is a key part of the Group's commitment to supporting their professional development.

To prepare postal workers for changes in their roles or for a new job, extensive training and support programmes are put in place.

A group committed to social responsibility

As France's second-largest employer after the French State, Le Groupe La Poste is a benchmark employer, socially committed and convinced that diversity and equality are key to its success. As a mission-driven company, it respects values and makes responsible commitments.

Le Groupe La Poste promotes equal opportunities right from the recruitment stage. It pays close attention to the gender equality indicator. It is committed to opening up all its professions to people with disabilities, and to changing attitudes and behaviour. Its policy of combating all forms of discrimination contributes to a good quality of life at work and to the commitment of postal workers.