Published on April 13, 2021

Strategic priority 7 : Labour-management agreement (Pacte social) and managerial culture

To reinforce pride in being a postal worker, introduce a new CORPORATE SOCIAL PACT and a new organisational structure that promotes agility.

To support postal workers through the coming transformations, a draft nationwide labour-relations agreement is currently being negotiated with the trade unions.

To ensure its new strategic plan is successful, La Poste aims to continue to improve occupational health and safety and the quality of life in the work place, and to develop forward-looking human resources management. La Poste will put innovative career paths in place to promote professional development. Training in digital technologies and customer culture will be central aspects of this system.

The Group knows it can count on the commitment and contribution of postal workers to this new strategic plan. Once again, they will be key players in the Group's transformation.