Published on April 19, 2024

La Poste's Mission Committee publishes its 2023 report

On 19 April, La Poste's Mission Committee published its third report. Since June 2021, the Mission Committee has been working alongside La Poste to monitor the implementation of the four commitments set out in its articles of association as a company with a mission.

Through dialogue with several group entities, studies on La Poste's territorial presence and on the basis of 14 indicators, the Mission Committee has delivered a positive assessment considering that La Poste group is meeting its commitments.

By including societal, social and environmental objectives in our articles of association, we commit ourselves to having an impact on our entire ecosystem, to broadening the notion of value and to sharing it. This third report from the Mission Committee illustrates a number of concrete and measurable advances. This report underlines that it is not only possible, but above all necessary, to reconcile profitability and responsibility

philippe wahl

Philippe Wahl

Chairman and CEO of La Poste group.

Operational commitments met

In 2023, La Poste kept its operational commitments and continued to set up and strengthen its concrete actions for society.

La Poste is building its route to achieving the four commitments set out in its articles of association.The role of the Mission Committee is to be at its side to measure its effectiveness and, through constant, open and demanding dialogue, make the achievement of these objectives possible, powerful and sustainable.Thanks to the expertise of some and the in-depth knowledge of the group of others, we play this role of spur, which is both connected to reality and projected towards the future

Natalie Rastoin Chair of La Poste's Mission Committee

Natalie Rastoin

Chair of La Poste's Mission Committee

Working to accelerate the ecological transition for all

The Mission Committee welcomes the Group's commitment to decarbonisation and the results achieved. The Mission Committee's request was met by measuring the impact on biodiversity for the first time.

  • 82,000

    tCO2 saved

  • 400

    million euros

    devoted to a programme to decarbonise the postal building stock

  • 543


    Pressure on ecosystems measured at

Promoting ethical, inclusive and frugal digital technology

With regard to the Group's digital commitment, the operational objectives have been met. The Mission Committee welcomes the sharp rise in the number of people identified, supported, trained and equipped in the use of digital technology, as well as the strong growth in the use of Digital Identity.



supported by 2023



of materials saved

Promoting social inclusion

The Committee recognises La Poste's positioning as a responsible and inclusive employer, particularly with regard to young people and people with disabilities, which enables it to achieve its operational objectives. The Mission Committee will monitor La Poste's efforts to meet the challenges of health and independence.

  • 248,500


    of support services for the elderly and frail

  • 9.33%

    of postal workers are disabled

  • 16,781

    young people

    benefited from an internship, work-study programme or recruitment

Contribute to regional development and cohesion

Lastly, in terms of its commitment to the regions, the Mission Statement emphasises the continued volume of business with local authorities and the ongoing transformation of the loan offering, despite a difficult economic climate and a fall in loan production due to rising interest rates.


billion in loans

to local authorities, including €1.6 billion in green and social loans


billion in loans

to social housing, healthcare, associations and the local economic fabric, including €800 million in citizen loans.

Two studies to inform the work of the Committee and the Group

Two members of the Mission Committee have carried out studies to contribute to the Committee's and the Group's discussions, in particular on the development of La Poste's physical presence and, more generally, the postal services and local services of the future.

The first study, entitled "Reinventing ourselves", concluded that the car-telephone combination is now the preferred tool for establishing links, and that access to services is less and less linked to place of residence.

The second study concludes that the transformation of post offices has had no impact on the well-being of local people.

The challenge for the future: accelerating the roll-out of the Group's initiatives

One of the major projects is obviously CSRD.Being a company with a mission has enabled us to anticipate this vast transformation.Beyond that, the challenge is to meet our commitments, to accelerate the roll-out of our priority ESG policies and also to open up the major projects of tomorrow, such as the project to measure our resource/material footprint and put it on a trajectory.

Stéphanie Dupuy-Lyon

Director of Societal Engagement La Poste group

In addition to these fundamental projects, which will structure the Group's actions, the Mission Committee will be considering a number of other issues in 2024: changes in postal practices, the new perception of proximity and the measurement of the Group's actions on biodiversity.

Monitoring of commitments is also audited by a third-party organisation

The independent third-party organisation KPMG carried out an initial audit between December 2022 and March 2023. The aim is to ensure consistency between La Poste's statutory objectives, its raison d'être and its business activities, and to ensure that these objectives are implemented.