Published on September 13, 2018

La Poste advertising campaign: 160 different roles to make life easier!

With 253,000 employees, there are 160 different roles in La Poste, which are evolving to support the Group's transformation towards the new world of services. A national communications campaign is showcasing this dynamic approach through portraits of 27 postal workers.

For many people, there is practically only one job at La Poste – a postman. But the Group actually has no fewer than 160 different roles! These include traditional professions linked to its historic activities, the distribution of letters and parcels, as well as new roles involving digital services.

The communication campaign appearing in the press, railway stations and post offices, presents the diversity of roles within La Poste through portraits of 27 postal workers (see the “making of” at the end of the article). Each page, each poster, displays a name, a photo, a short description of the role and a sentence which expresses the service provided by the postal worker, from their perspective.

The campaign will no doubt surprise the public by revealing the wide range of different roles. It will also reveal the major changes which the public may already be glimpsing on a daily basis. Postmen still deliver letters and parcels, there is no change there. But they also collect parcels from mailboxes for shipping, collect office paper for recycling, install equipment in customers’ homes, distribute medicine, provide local personal services to seniors, etc. All while carrying a smartphone that allows them to confirm each of these operations and obtain the customer's signature when necessary.

Roles that evolve and that make La Poste today

These changes are also visible in post offices. Released from their counters, staff are coming out to meet the customers looking for help, advice or to collect letters and parcels. Everything has become faster and more streamlined, especially since they are equipped with mobile devices.

Job descriptions have evolved, other roles have emerged, such as “services expert” postmen and driving theory test examiners, as well as new roles involving digital! Designer-developer, data analyst, social media manager, web project manager – the Group has long been open to digital professions, a transformation on a scale evident to visitors to major digital innovation events, particularly CES in Las Vegas and Viva technology, where La Poste has a major presence.

La Poste's previous campaign, launched in September 2017, made a promise – to simplify the lives of customers in France by offering them innovative services corresponding to their expectations. This year, it highlights those responsible for delivering on that promise by presenting 27 portraits of postal workers from all regions, working in 12 of the 160 roles that make La Poste today:

  • Customer advisor

  • Banking advisor

  • Professional customer manager

  • New services expert

  • Postman

  • Expert services postman

  • Data analyst

  • Developer-designer

  • Parcel team leader

  • Social media manager

  • Driving theory test examiner

  • Web project manager

To find out more about the different roles within La Poste, visit LAPOSTERECRUTE

A well-supported transformation

84% of postal workers trained in 2017 ● 4.5 million hours of training provided in 2017 ● 28,000 qualifying courses begun or completed by the end of 2017 ● Nearly 8,000 permanent staff recruited in 2017

The making of La Poste's advertising campaign – 2018