Published on June 20, 2019

2019 French IoT contest: the 15 winning start-ups revealed

The winners of the contest organised by La Poste are joining a community of 250 start-ups. For six months, they will benefit from a tailor-made acceleration programme.

The French IoT programme launched by La Poste is enhanced every year by 15 new start-ups selected in a contest which begins in the regions and ends with a national final [see article].

A major new feature for this 5th edition is the addition of two categories - Deep Tech and Gov and Civic Tech - along with a strong commitment to attain a target of 50% of the contest winners in 2020 being female start-up founders. In this edition, 33% of the 15 start-ups selected have been founded or co-founded by a woman, as opposed to 9% nationally.

So here are the 15 winning start-ups and SMEs offering an innovative connected object or service, at the pre-marketing or marketing stage in one of the contest’s 5 themes.

Further information is available in [the press pack - French version].

Health Category

  • ExactCure “Digital twin” for testing and improving the patient’s treatment with medication. [Link to the website]

  • WiStim App for supporting and smoothing the journey of couples undergoing MAP (Medically Assisted Procreation). [Link to the website]

  • AUM Biosync Performance management solution for operational rescue and emergency teams working 24 hours a day. [Link to the website]

Services Category

  • Living Packets The Box, the first sustainable and smart packaging for e-commerce. [Link to the website]

  • Pickeos Light guide solution making it easier to find items in storage areas. [Link to the website]

  • Ido-data DDial, a connected alert and locator wristband for water sports enthusiasts. [Link to the website]

  • SouthPigalle New generation of virtual assistants promoting collective intelligence in companies. [Link to the website]

Smart City and Mobility Category

  • Nielsen Concept Mobilypod, a ready-to-install, multi-service, digital station for bikes and scooters. [Link to the website]

  • Stimergy Solution for recovering the heat produced by computer servers and injecting it into a building’s hot water systems. [Link to the website]

  • SmartHab Operator of smart and connected housing solutions for residential property. [Link to the website]

Deep Tech Category

Gov and Civic Tech Category

  • Pitangoo First personal development tool for young people to help them with their career choices. [Link to the website]

  • EA4T Platform agnostic (runs on any computer operating system) for creating digital voice-controlled personal assistants, especially for companies and authorities. [Link to the website]