Published on October 18, 2018

French IoT: the La Poste programme that helps start-ups

La Poste believes that digital technology can simplify the lives of everyone. It is therefore providing support to start-ups which develop solutions that help as many people as possible. How? Through a national programme called "French IoT" which accelerates their development. To date, 204 start-ups have benefited from the programme.

Initiated by La Poste in 2015 with the support of regional networks, the "French IoT" programme brings together agile structures (start-ups), established structures (large groups) and digital experts (competitiveness clusters, incubators, French Tech cities, etc.). Its aim is to stimulate French innovation focused on connected objects and services.

Today, 204 start-ups from all across France benefit from this programme and receive support in various forms for their innovations:

  • Access to La Poste's IoT platform, the Digital Hub (see insert),

  • Visibility at national and local events,

  • Direct contact with investors.

Additional support for 15 start-ups

The selection takes place every year through a "French IoT" contest. Among the start-up candidates, some 60 are selected and integrated into the innovation support programme, and 15 of them, the contest winners, are accelerated and, together with La Poste, participate in the major international innovation fairs. These are the 15 most advanced start-ups and quite possibly could soon become partners of Le Groupe La Poste.

The 15 winning start-ups of the 2019 edition are:

  • Health Category: ExactCure, WiStim, AUM Biosync

  • Services Category: Living Packets, Pickeos, Ido-data, SouthPigalle

  • Smart City and Mobility Categories: Nielsen Concept, Stimergy, SmartHab

  • Deep Tech Category:, OneVisage, KeoPass

  • Gov et Civic Tech Categories: Pitangoo, EA4T

They will benefit from an accelerator programme to boost their business development. It consists of a 'boot-camp-style' immersive week; personalised coaching; a business test with La Poste or one of its partners; then a presentation of their offer at one of the 5 major European innovation fairs.

The Digital Hub

Developed by La Poste's subsidiary Docapost, the Digital Hub is a secure platform that facilitates the development of applications, and thus of services, used on connected objects.