Published on February 9, 2021

In order for La Poste to become the leading local service provider, it has a true advantage which is : having over 65,000 postal workers - its trusted players.

Unique capital

Present throughout France, in the heart of the territories, and strengthened by their oath to respect confidentiality, the mail carriers have gained the trust of customers, individuals, companies and local authorities. They are therefore in the best position to provide La Poste's new services that make life easier.

New services and solutions

a postal worker scanning parcel

The continuous decline in mail volumes requires the reinvention of the mail carriers' mission. The challenges of demographic and ecological transitions create new needs.

La Poste is anticipating these challenges and developing appropriate services and solutions, enabling it to position itself as:

  • the benchmark in proximity with the Watch Over My Parents service and meal delivery,

  • the accelerator of energy renovation of individual homes, with its assessment offer,

  • the office waste recycling expert with Recygo,

  • and of course, the pioneer of last-mile logistics.

With these new mail carrier services, Le Groupe La Poste is aiming to achieve a turnover of over €1 billion by 2023.

2019 key figures


mail carriers


million in revenue

(including €29 million from the acquisition of Économie d'Énergie)

20 million



million in revenue

in 2020