Published on December 9, 2022

One of the keys to achieving sustainable urban logistics involves reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and pollutant emissions. It also involves developing alternative delivery methods to meet consumers' new expectations in terms of locally-based, personalised services.

New consumer habits linked to the use of e-commerce and digitisation are transforming customer expectations. Local service, convenience, personalisation, etc. are now an integral part of delivery standards. The development of remote working has accelerated this trend by increasing the demand for home delivery services.

New delivery methods that adapt to changing lifestyles

Completing deliveries at the first delivery attempt is one of the first ways in which we can reduce nuisances associated with transport logistics. To avoid unsuccessful deliveries due to addressees' absence, and thus the need for re-delivery, La Poste is developing new home and away-from-home services: Pickup lockers, delivery at selected times, pick-up points, delivery to the workplace, local concierge services, click-and-collect (Pickup drive), partnerships with retailers and associations, etc.

Customised logistics for businesses and local authorities


With 13,500 logistics circuits, 120,000 daily services and 5,300 delivery/collection staff, Log'issimo is La Poste's new local logistics partner aimed at businesses and local authorities.

Its 120 logistics platforms in France provide an efficient response to a specific logistics need: goods collection, order preparation, storage of goods close to the points of consumption, customised deliveries, etc.

A "La Poste" logistics service adapted to today's new markets

La Poste is also actively developing specific low-emission solutions to deliver healthcare products and food products. Since 2015, Chronofresh has been providing express delivery services for dry, fresh and frozen food products in France and abroad. Chronopost have also stablished partnerships with marketplaces such as Epicery and (entities that are part of GeoPost/DPDgroup), enabling consumers to have products delivered directly to them from neighbourhood retailers or local producers.


Chronopost Healthcare provides an innovative solution – the only one of its kind in France – for the delivery of healthcare products at both ambient and controlled temperatures.

Minute Pharma, which is part of Pickup, provides a same-day delivery service for medical and pharmaceutical products, collecting them from dispensaries and delivering them to patients at home or in medical or social-care facilities. This service is available in over 50 French cities.

  1. (1)The combined use of several modes of transport during the same journey