Published on June 26, 2023

Le Groupe La Poste advocates a seamless mix of digital and human services to simplify and secure patient pathways. To achieve this, the Group relies on the expertise of its subsidiaries, which are involved throughout the patient pathway and make it easier to synchronise care.

The rise in chronic illnesses and the ageing of the population are leading to more complex patient pathways, with a multitude of people involved in the patient's care one after the other without any effective coordination: medical and paramedical staff, medical-social professionals, local authorities, hospitals, etc. This situation can lead to complications for both patients and care teams.

Simplifying and securing patient care pathways is essential for both patients and healthcare professionals, enabling them to focus on what they do best: providing care. In response to this need, Le Groupe La Poste advocates a seamless mix of digital and human services to simplify and secure patient care.

Medical prescription and home healthcare services

Pioneers and recognised experts, Asten Santé and DiaDom, subsidiaries of La Poste, intervene on medical prescription throughout France to ensure continuity of care and compliance with treatment for patients suffering from acute or chronic illnesses, or those weakened by dependency or loss of independence. Assistance and regular monitoring of patients by paramedical and/or multidisciplinary teams who, in liaison with doctors, intervene, coordinate and help to ensure the effectiveness of home treatment and the correct use of medical equipment and procedures.

Remote medical follow-up and monitoring solutions

The shift to outpatient care and the follow-up of chronically ill patients require new practices to maintain the relationship and exchange of information between carers and patients, particularly at home. Through its subsidiaries Nouveal and Maela, La Poste offers a digital platform that enables medical teams to support their patients throughout the entire care process, with a particular focus on post-hospitalisation follow-up for patients who require it.

Newcard, a La Poste subsidiary specialising in heart failure and kidney transplants, provides day-to-day remote patient monitoring for both private and hospital doctors.

Solutions for simplifying and ensuring a safe return home after hospital admission

A subsidiary of La Poste since 2022, happytal offers software solutions that enable patients to make their pre-admission to hospital or their request for a single room online. It also enables healthcare facilities to automate requests for reimbursement by complementary organisations.

In addition to this, happytal offers a range of services, including physical and online concierge services, to make patients more comfortable in hospital and ensure a safe return home.  Noé Santé helps coordinate patient discharge from hospital with the nursing staff, organising paramedical assistance and monitoring recovery to ensure a safe return home and limit the risk of re-admission to hospital.