Published on December 21, 2018

CES 2019: Lancey, the smart and efficient radiator

Lancey radiators have sensors that detect whether or not anyone is in the room and can even tell if a window is open. They have learning capabilities, allowing them to automatically adapt to users’ habits, the weather, or to any of the building's particular thermal characteristics.

Users can use an online app to control the radiator remotely, allowing them to set a different temperature for each room. This app also provides information about real-time energy usage, in both kWh and euros, with periodic summary reports. Rather than using Wi-Fi to connect to your phone, the radiator uses an M2M SIM card connection, which is more reliable and easier to access.

By using natural stone heating blocks and an infra-red radiant panel, these radiators are able to provide an immediate sensation of heat and optimal comfort. They run silently and are made in France.

For Lancey Energy Storage, making decentralised energy storage more widely available is an essential part of the energy transition. With its battery-equipped radiators, this start-up is offering both individuals and businesses an easier way to use independently produced electricity (from solar panels or other sources), and to integrate renewable energy sources into the local distribution network (energy sharing between radiators, reselling excess energy).

More information is available on the Lancey Energy Storage website.

An electric bicycle battery in your radiator?

Bemobi, which is a subsidiary of La Poste, secured a contract with Ile de France Mobilités to install and operate a new long-term rental service offering 10,000 electric bicycles starting in September 2019. Lancey Energy Storage is planning on re-using old bicycle batteries in their radiators. Naturally, the two companies are planning on working together.