Published on December 3, 2018

Leslie, a data analyst in Grenoble

The new La Poste campaign showcases employees and the diversity of the postal service's business lines. It also highlights the towns where they work, demonstrating La Poste’s presence in different regions, as well as its role as an economic actor, employer and promoter of regional development.

Leslie is a data analyst in Grenoble. She tells us more about her job in the video below.

Leslie, data analyst in Grenoble

Exploiting data

How can the company use the data it has at its disposal? How can it collect new data? Those are issues that a data analyst works on. They don’t just collect data for the sake of it, but with an objective in mind. The aim is to personalise the customer experience, accelerate the automation of mail sorting, optimise delivery rounds and suggest new innovative services. This involves selecting, cross-analysing, prioritizing and modelling the data. They extract the data from databases to make sense out of them and harness the information.

Other data analyst featured in the campaign

  • Edouard – Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (Île-de-France)

  • Remi - Gentilly (Île-de-France)