Published on July 10, 2018

The 10 CDPPT chairs of Grand Est come together

La Poste brought together the ten chairs of the Departmental Commission on Local Postal Presence in Grand Est, or their representatives, at an unprecedented event on 7 June in Nancy.

The elected officials, some of whom joined a CDPPT when these were created 20 years ago, commended the progress made in terms of regional dialogue.

Jean-Marie Belliard, Mayor of Sierentz and chair of the Haut-Rhin CDPPT, said: “I’m pleased with how good anticipation has been during the process of change to the postal network, and how well files for elected officials have been put together. The information provided to municipalities with an eye to a change in status is comprehensive, and the rules in the coverage agreement are being followed. This renewed trust from elected officials and this transparency mean that there is buy-in to the transformations”.

This meeting was an opportunity for discussions on the La Poste network’s transformation plan and challenges related to public service centres (MSAPs). It was also a chance to create an initial report on the postal coverage agreement that is underway. At an upcoming national meeting, the CDPPT chairs will be asked to help develop the next agreement.