Published on July 18, 2018

Solange: “I really trust my postwoman!”

In Fontaine-Saint-Lucien, Oise, Solange Serdet signed herself up for the Watch Over My Parents service.

The smell of coffee and pastries--it's Monday in Fontaine-Saint-Lucien. Solange is eagerly waiting for Nicole, her postwoman.

When Solange Serdet saw advertisements for Watch Over My Parents, she decided to sign up for the service. “I took it upon myself to get this service, which gives me one visit per week on Mondays. I’m always excited for them”, says Solange. “Nicole is the only person I see, along with the lady who does my shopping on Thursdays. I really trust her. And that’s why I turned to La Poste when I learned about this from the TV.”

Ms. Serdet has access to remote assistance via a connected digital bracelet that is linked to a monitoring centre, which is available to provide assistance 24/7: “This system has only strengthened the relationship of trust, which has existed for a long time.” Nicole Lobry, the postwoman, agrees: “We talk about what she did last week, what's going well, what’s not going well. I use the Factéo application to pass on the little everyday issues that Solange lets me know about.” So, every Monday, Solange invites Nicole in, and lets her know about any little issues she might have so that Nicole can inform Solange’s children via the application.

Solange, Nicole, and Kiki the dog all enjoy this weekly get-together...

“Watch Over My Parents” 

These days, ageing well means maintaining one's independence, home and daily habits for as long as possible. Thanks to its “Watch Over My Parents” offering, Le Groupe La Poste makes it easier for seniors to keep living at home by providing practical, reassuring services for them and their families. Regular visits from mail carriers ward off isolation and thereby improve seniors’ social life. And with connected equipment set up in the home, your parent will never be alone, even when the mail carrier is not visiting.