Published on October 15, 2018

Shared energies: La Poste launches a programme to accelerate the energy transition

La Poste believes that practical initiatives at local level are key to paving the way for a real energy and ecological transition. To this end, it is launching “Shared energies”, a programme whose aim is to encourage, support and publicise local initiatives.

For several years already, La Poste has been actively committed to making the energy and ecological transition a reality. Alongside its efforts to develop expertise and encourage new forms of use, La Poste is launching a programme called “Energies Communes”. The aim is to raise awareness, encourage further study and – above all – to showcase and share practical, innovative solutions to promote an energy and ecological transition driven by local initiatives.

La Poste sees the energy and ecological transition as a social project that must not remain abstract, distant or overly technical. On the contrary, it must become part of everyday reality, widely understood and taken on board by as many people as possible. In this way, it will naturally become an essential force for progress bringing benefits for everybody.

This transition embraces all aspects of everyday reality, both individual and collective: work, housing, mobility, energy, food, development, and so on. For this reason, it must be supported by everybody (individuals, companies, regional authorities, etc.) as part of an approach that is both fair and inclusive. It is essential for society to adopt a new model, and the involvement of the greatest number is key to achieving this. Today, we should all have the ambition, the opportunity – and the instinctive urge – to make a real contribution to the ecological transition, in our own way and without making sacrifices.

The world is moving towards a new growth model that is more economical and more ecological, a model in which the energy transition plays a key role. La Poste serves society as a whole and we are keen to become a major player in this transition, so that the benefits can be enjoyed by everybody.

Philippe Wahl

Chairman and CEO of Le Groupe La Poste

Since this transition is a reality for local communities, reflecting their full diversity, La Poste is keen to become a catalyst for local initiatives and innovation, helping people to make the jump from ambition to implementation, and to put ideas into action.

Relying on its network of experts, “Shared Energies” will observe and share local initiatives, good practices and trials across France, taking account of the different scales of decision-making and management.

La Poste is keen to ensure feedback and to share these initiatives and trials. For this reason, its website will place the emphasis on the many different voices, viewpoints and forms of expression, reflecting the diversity of the players and their actions.

La Poste has always anticipated and supported major social change, alongside the country as a whole. Through Shared Energies, La Poste is responding to the energy and ecological challenge. It is initiating a process through which everybody can contribute to making this social project a reality while, at the same time, ensuring that the transformation reflects human solidarity by putting people first.