Published on December 10, 2018

Poste Immo, three-fold real estate expertise

Created in 2005, Poste Immo has optimised and made the most of its extremely large and uniquely diverse real estate portfolio. This expertise has been recognised by companies and municipalities that have subsequently used its services.

The real estate property company of Le Groupe La Poste

Poste Immo oversees one of the largest urban and rural real estate portfolios in France. It manages, maintains, develops, and operates more than 10,600 industrial and service-sector buildings throughout the country, which range in size from 100 to 50,000 m2.

Post Immo makes the most of Le Groupe La Poste's space. It helps Le Groupe La Poste with its modernisation strategy by selling some property assets and by renovating others to better suit new usage patterns.

Real estate services for municipalities

the project to make the Piana Town Hall in Corsica more accessible, the organisation of maintenance work and repairs at the University of Toulon (39 buildings), the creation and operation of an 18,700 m2 shared logistics space in the Greater Toulouse Region, and others.

Development to make the most of existing buildings

Poste Immo is launching more and more development projects that are responsible, innovative, and profitable, transforming its own assets with acquisitions and partnerships that embody Le Groupe La Poste's industrial and commercial strategy.

It has renovated the Grangier Post Office in Dijon (April 2018), the La Poste Museum (expected 2019) and the Louvre Post Office (expected 2019) and revived La Poste's presence in city centres. Mixed-use projects (housing units, offices, shops) undertaken with specialised partners make the most of buildings in the portfolio that are slated for sale or otherwise vacant. This was the case in Issy-les-Moulineaux and École Militaire in Paris. The Zenora building in Issy-les-Moulineaux received the Pyramide de Vermeil Prize, a national award for commercial real estate developers. With its spotless environmental record, Poste Immo is a perfect example of La Poste's policy of converting industrial postal sites, creating value for the Group and economic and social opportunities for cities.

10,600 buildings

managed by Poste Immo

a portfolio of land and real estate that covers 6.2 million m2