Published on July 31, 2018

La Poste provides opportunities for young people

In 2017, La Poste announced the recruitment of 3,000 postmen, including 120 in Alsace. In Molsheim, La Poste has been working with Mission Locale for several years already, helping NEETs aged 16-25 find work. It all starts with an internship. And for Ismaïl Ben Alili, it resulted in a permanent contract.

« La Mission Locale de Molsheim invite des entreprises à participer à des rencontres autour d’un petit-déjeuner avec des jeunes qu’elle suit. C’est informel et convivial », explains Aude-Hélène Pax, access to work advisor at Mission Locale. For Patrick Lux, HR manager at Molsheim post office, it is a chance to make a first impression. “It’s a chance for me to present La Poste to 20-30 young people”, he reports. The aim is to make it easier for young people not in employment, education, or training to find work and combat exclusion. They work with Mission Locale to apply for different job and internship opportunities. “The aim is to build a bond within the group, so that they are comfortable talking about themselves and can learn how to behave in a job interview”, Aude-Hélène Pax highlights.

That was how Ismaïl Ben Alili came into contact with La Poste in 2015, on a three-week handling and sorting internship, under the watchful eye of a mentor. “In general, an internship is a chance to learn about the role, and for the mentor to share their skills”, Patrick Lux underlines. The internship was cut short following a positive performance review, and became a temporary contract. La Poste then offered him a delivery round, to replace a postman on sick leave. Without a driving licence, Ismaïl was assigned a bicycle round. He received an allowance from Mission Locale’s young person’s fund. He used the allowance to pay for compulsory basic training so that he could ride a scooter, and then get his driving licence. And now, Ismaïl Ben Alili will soon be signing his first permanent contract with La Poste. Four young people are on this route into employment at Molsheim post office.

“La Poste provides opportunities for young people. When some of them are going through a hard time, we know we can get in touch with La Poste and they can learn about available roles. After completing their internship, young people know how things work inside a company: completing tasks, being punctual, and selling themselves in an interview”, Aude-Hélène Pax concludes.

*Postmen agreement signed on 7 February 2017.