Published on October 19, 2018

Kidscare, a non-stop link between the school and parents

These three features make life easier:

  • Student file management enables parents to fill out and update information about their child/children online, directly, without going through paper forms, and therefore without administrative re-typing errors.

  • The communication module enables parents to talk to the school (teachers and administrators), with the option of sending notifications and receiving confirmation of receipt.

  • Dismissal management lets them alert the school at any time (for a planned dismissal, permission for a designated person to pick up the child, etc.).

Less time spent on paperwork

Eliminating paper communications between parents and the school generates economic savings of €4 per student per year, and also saves considerable time for teachers and administrative staff. Sharing information between parents and the school via Kidscare means safe care of children.

A few testimonials...

Alexandre, father of two nursery school children

“This is a really useful application that replaces the communication books used in schools. Information must be validated in order for it to apply. This avoids mistakes when a child needs to be dismissed from school for a particular reason. The application replaces paper and helps protect the environment, which is a real plus at a time where we're teaching children about this. It sets a good example for them”. 

Cécile, nursery school teacher

“We’ll definitely save a lot of time communicating with parents. No more photocopies, cutting, gluing or checking that messages have been read! Parents who have read the information can check it off quickly. A third party can be added to pick up the children, which is very practical”. 

Marie-Ange, mother of a primary school student

“Once again, Kidscare proved its effectiveness this morning. There was an alert in the morning about a gas leak in the neighbourhood. My son’s school relayed the evacuation information via the Kidscare application. The parents reacted very quickly”.

Bénédicte, primary school teacher

“It's great how the Kidscare application saves time when you want to communicate with parents. It's a lot faster than photo-copying a note, cutting it out, taking out the communication book, and then asking the children to glue the message in. Also, it’s no longer necessary to check the books the following morning to make sure that the information was read. Plus, it saves paper. It’s also very practical and quick to check if a child enrolled in day care needs to leave at 4:30 for a particular reason”.