Published on May 4, 2021

Jadlog implements integral health care program for employees

In partnership with the company Heartcount, reference company in health management with focus in health promotion and disease prevention, Jadlog is implanting a health care program for all its employees and franchisees.

This program will make available multidisciplinary health care, in a complementary way to the existing plan, with present and remote consultations, so that the employees can take better care of themselves, have quick and quality support and also adhere to some prevention programs.

Our proposal is to go beyond the occupational doctor model, offering a differentiated program that allows the development of a care plan for employees and contributes to improving their quality of life, at a time when taking care of health has become more important than ever

Bruno Tortorello - Jadlog CEO

Bruno Tortorello

Jadlog CEO

The tailor-made programme developed for Jadlog has two foundations :

  • one for those who are already diagnosed with chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes,

  • the other for those who want to act in a preventive manner in the detection and treatment of health problems. The idea is to understand the person's medical and even family context and gather information that will help to get a picture of their health and possible pre-existing vulnerabilities.

The care plan will be available in person and remotely, through active or passive teleconsultation, through which the employee can talk to his nurse and his doctor. All the technical protocols applied by the multidisciplinary care team were developed from national and international scientific references on the subject.