Published on April 7, 2022

First Report of the La Poste Group Mission Committee

On 8 June 2021, the general meeting of shareholders of Le Groupe La Poste voted to approve its status as a mission-led company, reinforcing its position as a business with a positive impact, for the benefit of society as a whole. On 28 March 2022, the Mission Committee published its first report.

The ‘mission-led company’ status was created by the French PACTE Law, for businesses looking to voluntarily balance economic performance with the common good.

Mission-led businesses must have a Mission Committee, which is responsible for ensuring compliance with their social commitments.


Developed in consultation with the many stakeholders involved in the Group's activities, and approved by the Board of Directors on 25 February 2021, the Purpose summarises the ‘what and why’ of La Poste's activities for the benefit of society: “For the benefit of all, and of use to each individual, La Poste is people-oriented company with a local presence that fosters exchange and builds vital ties, contributing to the common good of society as a whole.”

The Mission Committee is tasked with monitoring the fulfilment of the commitments made by the company as a Mission-led Business. It also shares its opinion with the governing bodies on the way in which the business implements its Purpose as defined in its articles of association.

The Le Groupe La Poste Mission Committee is made up of seventeen members. Nine of them are qualified individuals with recognised expertise in their field, including entrepreneurs, professors, experts in the green transition, geographers, economists and players from the Social Economy. The other eight members also sit on the company’s board of directors.

The Mission Committee’s first report gives a reminder of the context and the challenges of a mission-led company, while introducing the Committee and the activities carried out in its first year of operation. It reports on the Group’s main achievements in line with its 4 commitments as a mission-led company:

  • Contribute to the development and cohesion of local areas;

  • Foster social inclusion:

  • Promote ethical, inclusive and affordable digital services

  • Work to accelerate the green transition for all

Over the course of 3 formal meetings in 2021, the Committee mainly focussed its efforts on setting out the relevant indicators for monitoring the commitments made by La Poste.

This first Mission Report is a key step in ensuring accountability for the fulfilment of the Group’s commitments and bringing its daily activities in line with its mission.