Published on March 9, 2022

European Postal Operators ensure that humanitarian aid can reach Ukrainian citizens

European public postal operators provide a unique and essential service – under the Universal Postal Union – to all citizens in Europe.  Even during difficult times, the postal sector ensures supporting people, communities, and areas in crisis, whilst remaining committed to maintaining international postal exchanges between all regions.

The escalating conflict in Ukraine sees postal operators again rising to this role in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, its postal workers and their families.

PostEurop and its members are deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of Ukrposhta’s postal workers, their families, and civilians during the escalating conflict in Ukraine as a consequence of the ongoing military actions of the Russian Federation towards that country.  In this context, PostEurop has been following closely the developments in Ukraine from the very first moment and is focused on keeping the postal network open and ensuring that postal services and all items, including humanitarian aid, can reach Ukrainian citizens.  Despite a number of continuous disruptions including the closure of Ukrainian airspace, the Ukrainian postal service remains open to serve the public to the best of their ability, thanks to the great efforts and courage shown by the colleagues in Ukraine.

In addition, several members of PostEurop have commendably organised various national actions, many in cooperation with humanitarian organisations such as UNICEF and the Red Cross to ensure the free delivery of parcels and the transportation of essential goods to the Ukrainian population.

PostEurop is prepared to take on a key leadership role in continuing to support our members in all these actions.

PostEurop would like to take this opportunity to express its appreciation and gratitude to all its members for their unwavering commitment and dedication in working together to ensure a continuation of the postal service to and from Ukraine, as well as to enabling the flow of humanitarian aid during this difficult time.  Special appreciation is given to Poczta Polska (Poland) and Slovenska Posta (Slovakia) for their efforts in ensuring that international postal exchanges with Ukraine remains possible.  We are proud of the unprecedented cooperation shown and remain committed to assisting Ukrposhta during the conflict.

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