Published on July 31, 2018

“Enjoy at Home”

One of the latest solutions offered by La Poste is "Enjoy at Home", a meal home-delivery service which is also a good opportunity for some human interaction and warmth. We focus on this service to the east of the Greater Paris region, in Charenton-le-Pont (Val-de-Marne).

Louenas Yakoubi works as a postman at the Chevilly Larue mail preparation and delivery centre. He delivers meals to elderly people in Charenton-le-Pont (Val-de-Marne) who have submitted a request to the town hall, which has concluded an agreement with La Poste.

One in five seniors do not have an opportunity to talk to anyone during the day and one in three feels isolated*. By developing local services, La Poste aims to restore and consolidate social bonds, particularly with seniors. One of the latest solutions to be offered is "Enjoy at Home” (Savourer chez Vous), a meal home-delivery service and a good opportunity for some human interaction and warmth.

From Monday to Friday, in all weathers, Louenas therefore visits the Elior kitchens in Rungis to pick up the pre-prepared meals. These have five parts: a starter, a meat or a fish dish, a vegetable dish (or a cooked dish), cheese and a dessert. To offer something special, Louenas and his colleagues make an extra stop at a bakery for fresh bread. “Thursday and Friday is country bread," says Louenas. “It keeps better. Because on Thursday, I deliver meals for Thursday and Friday. And on Friday, those for the weekend. The little things we do for our customers are important.”

And that's not all, on their birthday, the basket is filled with a small bottle of wine, biscuits or fruit jellies.

“Louenas is always very kind and attentive. He's my smile of the day! ” says a loyal customer. “He is doing me a big favour as I’m leaving hospital with my arm out of action for three weeks,” explains another customer. What emerges above all from these visits is the loneliness of these people, whether they are a former homeless person, a person with a compulsive behavioural disorder or a manager on long-term sickness leave.

The chat often only lasts a few minutes. Louenas puts the meals away in the refrigerator and asks the customer to sign on his Facteo. The smiling faces testify to the importance of the visit, often the only one of the day, which ends with an expectant "Are you coming back tomorrow?”

Louenas worked for several delivery companies before joining La Poste. “I was very surprised at the professionalism of the postmen since La Poste has only recently started working in this area," he says. “They have a very good relationship with people who trust them. Even local residents are less suspicious. And managers are also attentive to vehicle maintenance, replacements or training.”

After this morning spent with his customers, Louenas feels proud to be an employee. A feeling which is increased by being useful to society on a regular basis and in close contact with residents.

*TNS Sofres survey, 2012.