Published on July 8, 2021

DPD Portugal launches Shop2Shop service to meet the needs of marketplaces such as Vinted

Shop2Shop service is a new solution for sending parcels from one Pickup parcelshop to another, developed with marketplaces in mind that encourage the circular economy.

DPD Portugal and Vinted, the world's largest peer-to-peer online marketplace dedicated to second-hand fashion, have partnered for easy and convenient delivery of orders on the platform through shipping integration options and attractive pricing.

This service is available through DPD's Shop2Shop service, with orders being deposited by the seller in a Pickup store or locker and picked up elsewhere in the network by the buyer.

“This new Shop2Shop service allows us to launch a consolidated offer of orders shipped from store to store, representing an economical and ecological shipping process for customers like Vinted. Our partnership with this successful circular economy marketplace, recently launched in Portugal, is proof that the Shop2Shop solution is the most suitable to support transactions between individuals”

Olivier Establet

CEO of DPD Portugal

DPD is the preferred option for many customers due to aspects such as the number of stores and lockers and their rapid expansion, the extended days and hours of the network and the information sent to the sender and recipient, in addition to the easy integration process.

DPD's Shop2Shop solution is available for Vinted users throughout the Portuguese mainland, but also for cross-border flows, namely Spain and France.

"Vinted is very excited about this partnership with DPD Portugal. This partner offers an excellent parcel delivery experience, contributing to resource savings in the form of shipping through the rapid expansion of its Pickup network. In addition, all these benefits align with Vinted's goals of creating a hassle-free shopping experience and making second-hand fashion the first choice in Portugal.”

Vytautas Atkočaitis

Director of Shipping Business at Vinted