Published on January 11, 2022

Docaposte becomes the French market leader in electronic signature solutions and expands its development in Europe

Digital transformation

Docaposte, a digital subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste, has taken over the electronic signature and digital safe business of Idemia, the market leader in Augmented Identity.


This acquisition enables Docaposte to become the French market leader in electronic signature solutions and embark upon a European development phase as it expands its range of trusted solutions with a new digital storage technological building block for regulated markets. The European locations businesses acquired from Idemia shall also give Docaposte access to a market with an estimated value of €1.2 billion in 2025.

Docaposte becomes the French market leader in electronic signature solutions

This takeover, effective since 1st January, has enabled Docaposte to reinforce its presence on the priority development markets: banking and insurance. The complementarity of the customer portfolios of the two companies will create harmony in the marketing of Docaposte’s electronic signature solutions and digital trust services (identification - authentication, electronic certificates, remote identity verification, document checks, KYC).

A double strategic operation

This operation also represents a new stage in the European deployment of Docaposte’s activities.

The digital safe solution is now offered in eight countries (Spain, France, Romania, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Switzerland) and is currently being rolled out in the Netherlands and will soon be available in Greece.


This acquisition represents a dual strategic operation for the consolidation of our position as an expert in digital trust in France and the development of our activities internationally. It is also the opportunity for us to broaden our know-how thanks to the expertise of the teams joining us that shall continue to be directed at Docaposte by Laurent Fournié.

Olivier Vallet

Olivier Vallet

the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Docaposte

As part of its development strategy, Docaposte has been pursuing a policy of targeted acquisitions since 2007 with the aim of consolidating its position as an expert in digital trust solutions in France and now in Europe.