Published on December 4, 2018

Digital technology and voluntary servitude

Philippe Wahl, CEO of Le Groupe La Poste, regularly writes on LinkedIn Pulse, the blogging platform of LinkedIn, the social medium for professionals. His last post, published on 20 November, concerns “digital technology and voluntary servitude”.

The emergence of mass consumption in the XXth century led to economic expansion on a scale never seen before, bringing improved living conditions for a growing proportion of the global population. Since then, we have been able to assess the less “glorious” aspects of this growth: depletion of natural resources, reduced biodiversity, climate change, etc. These are issues that few people worried about at the time.

Philippe Wahl has published a post on LinkedIn Pulse entitled “digital technology and voluntary servitude”. In his post, he underlines the day-to-day benefits of digital technology while also calling for an immediate global study that would examine the negative aspects of excessive use in order to neutralise or at least contain them.

The risk, here again, would be that our shared enthusiasm for major societal developments could distance us from what is really essential.

You can read Philippe Wahl’s post here (in french).