Published on December 31, 2018

CES 2019: Magic Makers, programming training for kids and teens

Magic Makers offers three kinds of training: weekly 90-minute workshops where children and teenagers can learn to code, create and invent; week-long holiday courses where children and teens can choose between building a website, programming a robot and developing a video-game; and discovery workshops in which children can try several activities.

Beyond developing knowledge and skills, the teaching aims to make children more independent, entrepreneurial and creative, and to build their self-confidence and teamwork abilities... in short, to prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

The start-up’s educational goal: to develop a digital and innovative culture from a young age.

To achieve this, the workshops focus on five themes: experimentation “I learn by making mistakes”; sharing “ I have ideas and share them with others”; reasoning “I am proud of what I do”; invention “I am here to create”; and fun “I come because I want to”.

Since the creation of Magic Makers, over 10,000 children have taken part in a workshop, and in 2018, 1300 children came every week to one of its 6 wholly owned centres or 20 partner locations, in Ile-de-France and the Bordeaux region.

Magic Makers also works in schools, with specific initiatives for children experiencing difficulty in education. Coding training is also available for teachers, particularly via the Class’Code project, run in partnership with Inria and OpenClassrooms, as part of the Future Investments Programme operated by the Caisse des Dépôts.

Magic Makers raised 3 million euros in June 2018, with the ambition of providing 200 training centres in France in the next 5 years.

Claude Terosier, who founded this start-up, won the 2017 Madame Figaro Business With Attitude award, for which the La Poste Group is a partner.

For more information, visit the Magic Makers website (in French).