Published on October 15, 2018

AtmoTrack: a tool for sustainable urban mobility

AtmoTrack is designed for local councils and smart city, healthcare and environmental players. The start-up plans to cover all major cities with over 100,000 inhabitants and 3,000 towns throughout France. At the international level, it began rollout in China in the second half of 2018.

● AtmoTrack sensors received the GreenTech Verte Award in 2016.

● In September 2017, following their selection for French IoT, AtmoTrack won the Digital InPulse Award led by multinational HUAWEI, boosting its growth in Asia.

● AtmoTrack was at CES 2018 at La Poste’s French IoT stand at Eureka Park.

● Le Groupe La Poste was rewarded by PostEurop for its initiative ‘AtmoTrack: environmental quality monitoring’.

AtmoTrack & La Poste

42 Factory enjoys support from the French IoT accelerator programme. Its solution, which gathers data from hundreds of atmospheric and acoustic sensors, uses the IoT interconnectivity of the Digital Hub rolled out by Docapost, a subsidiary of La Poste, and synergies with Geoptis. AtmoTrack is in test at Nantes and Lyon, with sensors installed on postmen electric vehicles.

La Poste is proud to be associated with AtmoTrack. Air pollution is an environmental emergency. By combining our vast postal network with a solution based on sensors and environmental quality monitoring, we can pull together for better city life.

Olivier Vallet

CEO of Docapost.

Olivier Vallet, CEO of Docapost, and Romain Scimia, co-founder of 42 Factory, speak about the partnership between the two companies.