Published on July 20, 2022

Asendia celebrates its 10th anniversary

Asendia, the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, is celebrating 10 years of continuous growth and transformation. The e-commerce company has achieved continuous growth, transforming its business since launching in 2012. Asendia has also become 100% carbon neutral in this landmark year.

2022 is marking a decade of customer-centric logistics, helping brands of all sizes sell their products into new markets around the world. Having reached more than €2 billion annual revenue threshold in 2021, and achieved its objective of becoming 100% carbon-neutral, the company is celebrating in style. Over 2,000 trees will be planted to mark the occasion, one for each employee worldwide.

Focused on supporting brands in their international growth ambitions through smart technology and logistics excellence , Asendia invested in the SaaS platform Anchanto in (2020) and fully acquired ESW in (2021). These acquisitions have enabled Asendia to broaden the range of e-commerce solutions it offers retailers and brands. In 2020 Asendia launched e-PAQ, a product range of global parcel and package delivery services, for online retailers selling internationally.

Thanks to this successful business transformation over the past years, Asendia follows its vision to provide brands with digital solutions improving consumers’ online shopping experience and giving our customers access to global distribution solutions worldwide.

Along with these efforts to make international logistics easy and efficient, Asendia is now delivering to over 200 countries with subsidiaries in 17 markets, providing a service that spans the globe.  Asendia makes cross-border commerce easy, reliable and sustainable worldwide.

We are proud of what we have done over the past decade and grateful for the trust our clients have in us. We know how important it is to choose the right partner when building a customer base worldwide, so we are committed to providing a convenient, flexible, reliable service, that also takes into consideration vital sustainability commitments.

Marc Pontet

Chief Executive Officer - Asendia Group

Sustainability at its foundation

While Asendia has always focused on sustainability, the company has made a particular effort over the past three years to extend its sustainability strategy in response to growing concerns about the environmental impact of logistic operations.

2022 has made its way into Asendia’s history, as the year when the company has become 100% carbon neutral.

As Asendia does not have its own fleet and relies on partners, this was best achieved by offsetting all international transport emissions, including first-mile collection, last-mile delivery, returns, and building emissions, machinery, and business travel.

Sustainability is one of Asendia’s pillars along with its people, know internally as “Asendians”, and to celebrate both it has decided to plant a tree for every employee to mark the special occasion, which will result in 2,000 trees in Jura and Chantilly, France.

As one of the largest global logistic providers, we at Asendia have the responsibility to protect people and protect our planet. We are proud of becoming 100% carbon neutral, and we are excited to have achieved this on our 10-year anniversary. However, while we are excited to lead the industry, there is a long way to go to protect our planet and we will continue to work to find more sustainable solutions for our clients.

Barbara Schielke

Chief HR and CSR Officer - Asendia Group

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