Published on July 18, 2018

An electric spark between Renault and La Poste!

The Maubeuge Renault plant invited La Poste employees to celebrate its 30,000th Kangoo Z.E. on 20 October.

The Maubeuge Renault plant has just produced its 30,000th Kangoo Z.E., the electric van that is so well loved by France’s mail carriers. On 20 October, Guillaume Berthier, Sales Director at Renault Z.E., took the opportunity to hand over the keys to Bertrand Tellier, postman at the mail delivery and preparation centre in Petite-Forêt.

The jewel in the crown of Renault’s electric vehicle strategy, the Maubeuge MCA plant is one of the group's two French plants that manufactures electric vehicles. Launched in 1997, Kangoo is now 20 years old. Encouraged by this success, last June the Maubeuge plant launched production of the new Kangoo Z.E. 33, which has a new engine and a new battery with 50% greater autonomy, making it the longest-lasting battery on the light electric utility vehicle market. “La Poste has a fleet of 7,000 electric Kangoos. It is our largest client and our long-standing partner. We are so proud to see our vehicles driving around all over the country on a daily basis, thanks to La Poste employees”, said Olivier Silva, Site Director, before addressing the La Poste employees invited to the occasion: “Thank you for continuing to believe in us!” 

Six years after the first electric version of the Kangoo went on the market, the Z.E. is the best-selling utility vehicle in Europe, and holds 80% of the electric van market. “We started by testing the Z.E. in large fleets like La Poste's to learn and improve on our vehicle”, Guillaume Berthier added.  He then gave the keys to the electric van to Charles Poutiers, Technical Director at La Poste, and to Bertrand Tellier, Mail Carrier Ambassador for the Nord department, to the applause of his colleagues from the Maubeuge mail centre (Marie-Christine Leleux, Jonathan Flamme, Mickaël Malaquin, and Christelle Pelloquin, Maubeuge Site Manager) and the Services-Mail-Parcels Director for the Nord department, Nathalie Lagrenée.