Published on October 7, 2021

The first action to take in order to control traffic-based air pollution is to switch to electrics and low emission means of transport. This would help reduce CO₂ emissions. In reflection, the layout of infrastructures as well as the logistic channels need rethinking.

La Poste has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the world with nearly over 40,000 electric vehicles which includes assisted bicycles, 16,300 three and four-wheel utility vehicles and 300 NGVs (natural gas vehicles).

Although La Poste's Kangoo ZEs are renowned as being quiet and 100% clean, this does not take away the fact that they still cause traffic in city centres, , bearing in mind that they also make frequent stops!

La Poste has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the world. Nearly over 40,000 electric vehicles (including electrically assisted bicycles), including 16,300 three and four-wheel utility vehicles. It also has 300 NGVs (natural gas vehicles).

In some cases, deliveries can't be made due to narrow streets and roadworks. Thus, La Poste had to rethink its delivery methods and find alternatives. These alternatives include by foot using electric trolleys, micro-vehicles or bicycles. These modes of transport are highly eco-friendly yet they have limited capacity which means that more delivery rounds are necessary to deliver all the parcels in one neighbourhood, using a local infrastructure.

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