Launch of the new Purchasing Supplier Portal of Groupe La Poste

Published on July 9, 2018

In the framework of its Purchasing transformation programme, Groupe La Poste is putting in place a new Purchasing IS called MAG e-Sourcing to dematerialise the entire Purchasing process.

This Portal will allow you, as a company:

● To make yourself known and update your contact information. ● To manage and update your regulatory documents via Provigis. ● To directly receive the opportunities proposed by Groupe La Poste (Purchasing procedure) which will be published on this portal. ● To respond to a consultation in a dematerialised way (from candidacy to the signature of the contract) and to converse with the buyer via a secure messaging system. ● To monitor your Purchasing activity with Groupe La Poste (consultations, contracts, etc.).

We invite you to register on the MAG e-Sourcing purchasing portal BY CLICKING HERE (in french) and entering the “New Supplier” section. Once registered, you will be systematically informed of the consultations published by Groupe La Poste.