Published on July 16, 2019
Updated on April 20, 2021

Working together for regional cohesion

Because of the local, practical nature of Le Groupe La Poste’s work, it makes sense create synergies with other local players. Whatever the level, the Group works with all the public institutions to promote local development and public service activities.

Le Groupe La Poste signs annual agreements with associations of elected officials, to foster dialogue about the evolution of La Poste’s missions, its special role in regions, and its cooperation procedures with local elected representatives.

This active dialogue with associations of elected officials is a chance to examine issues together. The dialogue tackles current issues in society, such as the digital transition and digital accessibility, old age with the associated needs regarding local services and help for people to remain in their own homes, urban logistics, or the ecological transition. It is also a chance to take stock of local postal coverage and its evolution in multiple forms: post offices, public service centres, partnerships with traders or town councils, etc.

Our other three areas of intervention :