Published on January 16, 2023

La Poste Group is gradually rolling out its eProc procurement management solution for suppliers.

Suppliers can now use eProc to manage different processes online :

  • Access orders placed

  • Check status and track processing of invoices

  • Track payments

  • Update catalogues

The eProc solution for La Poste Group

Suppliers of La Poste Immobilier - eProc will be rolled out in 2023

Orders and catalogues with La Poste business units not covered by eProc will continue to be processed as before.

Need help ?

To set up your connection to the eProc portal and answer any questions about invoice processing

Contact the Supplier Welcome Unit on +33 (0)820 364 904


For questions about how to use the eProc portal

Contact user support on +33 (0)2 72 65 29 10